Off-Cycle Payment Requests

Generally, off-cycle payroll payments are requested when an employee misses the deadline to submit a timecard or if there was an administrative error within the department.

In these instances, it is up to the department to determine whether to include the payment in the employee’s next payroll or to make an off-cycle request. There is a $50 processing fee assessed for each off-cycle payment.

To make a request, complete the Off-Cycle Payroll Request Form.

Please include

  • all pertinent details
  • an explanation of the reason for the request
  • a corrected paper timesheet (if applicable) with the appropriate signatures

Fax all forms to the Payroll Department at 434.924.4042. Incomplete forms will be returned.

The payments are processed using the valid direct deposit information on file for the employee. No off-cycle payments will be made via paper check.