Payroll is responsible for timely and accurate payment of salaries, wages and tax withholdings for all University employees. Some of the division’s duties include:

  • Pre-auditing and processing all wage and salary input,
  • Withholding proper taxes and establishing authorized deductions,
  • Answering employee and departmental inquiries,
  • Collecting and disbursing garnishments, tax liens, and child support,
  • Issuing earnings statements and W-2’s,
  • Calculating fringe benefit rates and paying associated invoices,
  • Calculating and depositing all taxes

The Human Resources Management System (HRMS) is one component of an Integrated System used at the University. It maintains all detailed payroll, fringe benefit, and personnel information. From a payroll perspective, the system’s primary objective is to ensure prompt, accurate payments to all University employees. There are seventeen different payrolls to accommodate the various types of employees. The system performs all gross-to-net calculations, including computation of the tax withholdings, and most of the cost calculations for fringe benefits.

The HRMS is integrated with other modules at the University (i.e., Accounts Receivable and Financial Accounting System) and it is a primary source of financial management information.

Holiday Schedules

All employees and departments should be aware of changes in payroll deadlines and dates due to holidays. Visit the Payroll Calendar for more information. University Human Resources will forward information to departmental payroll contacts concerning any deadline changes.