Initiate Reimbursement Requests

  • Become familiar with the Information for Relocating Employees pages in the left menu, Moving and Relocation Policy, and other items on the Resources page so you can answer questions
  • The Employee Overview/Allowable Expenses resource breaks down reimbursable expenses by category; A - G categories correspond to the reimbursement categories in the Moving and Relocation Expense Workbook
  • Discuss with the employee whether the move will be a self-move or common carrier
    • Direct questions to Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services or use Buyer Assist or initiate a requisition to begin the procurement process
    • You can create a purchase order (requisition) in the Marketplace if a non-contract vendor is selected; Procurement Services takes over from there

Moving and Relocation Expense Workbook

The workbook is six pages plus instructions. Use the + sign in the lower right of the screen to zoom to a larger print. After you have read the instructions (including the first worksheet) and begin to complete the workbook, you will see that the fields auto-calculate based on the entries you make.

  • Name workbook using the employee’s Last Name, First Name, and request number (number the first request 001, and subsequent requests 002, etc.)

  • Send workbook by email attachment to

  • Print Reimbursement Certification sheet (Certification of Moving Expenses)

  • Obtain appropriate signatures (chair or department head and employee)

  • Attach original receipts

  • Attach a signed copy of the fully-executed Moving Agreement

  • Send by messenger mail to the following address:

    Moving and Relocation
    University Human Resources
    P.O. Box 400127

After UHR receives the signed Reimbursement Certification sheet and original receipts, the workbook will be reviewed. The departmental contact will be notified if there is a discrepancy or if additional information is needed. Otherwise, the request will be initiated and the reimbursement will be scheduled to be included in the employee’s paycheck. An email notification will be sent to you confirming the upcoming payment.

A separate workbook must be completed for each subsequent reimbursement request.