Offboarding Toolkit

An effective and consistent offboarding procedure for exiting employees is essential for protecting interests of both the employee and the University.

For the Manager/Supervisor, the offboarding procedure will:

  • Protect the physical and intellectual property of the University
  • Ensure compliance with security and access issues with exiting employees
  • Assist with the transfer of the position to subsequent employees through completion of the Knowledge Transfer Template

For the Employee, the offboarding procedure will:

  • Provide information to employees upon their departure
  • Provide an opportunity to wrap up their projects
  • Provide knowledge of retirement, benefits, final payment procedures, etc.
  • Provide a sense of closure to the employee

The offboarding procedure should be completed as follows:

  1. The manager/supervisor accesses the offboarding tools upon notification that an employee is leaving.
  2. The manager/supervisor and the employee complete the:
  3. The manager/supervisor and the employee sign the offboarding checklist.
  4. The manager/supervisor ensures the completed offboading checklist is scanned to the personnel file through the Document Imaging System or, if scanning is not feasible, retained in the department.

Offboarding FAQ