UVa Health Plan

The UVa Health Plan offers three health options for participants, Choice Health, Value Health, and Basic Health. All options are administered by Aetna and provide a broad scope of hospital and medical services offered by a carefully selected network of hospital and professional providers, including primary care physicians (PCP). All options allow you direct access to physicians and specialists. In other words, it is not necessary for UVa Health Plan members to have a referral from their PCP to see a specialist. In fact, you do not have to select a PCP, although a relationship with a PCP is encouraged. To receive the maximum benefits available, all hospital and medical care must be performed by participating network providers. It is the member’s responsibility to be sure that all preauthorizations are in place before receiving medical services. Contact Aetna’s Member Service at 1.800.987.9072 to check on the status of an authorization or claim.

ID Cards: Participants who have a covered spouse and/or dependent will receive two family ID cards after joining the UVa Health Plan. The ID cards will contain the names of all covered family members. Families with more than five covered members will receive a second set of cards that contain the participant’s name and any dependent(s) that didn’t fit on the first set of cards. Participants with single employee coverage will receive one card. Additional cards can be requested by calling Aetna Member Service at 1.800.987.9072 or visiting Aetna Navigator online.

Health Reward Savings

  • If you completed an annual biometric screening and online health assessment during open enrollment, you will receive $40/month in health rewards.

  • If you qualified for the non-tobacco discount during open enrollment, you will receive an additional $10/month non-tobacco reward. As a new employee you have access to this non-tobacco reward and the non-tobacco affidavit must be completed during new hire benefits enrollment.

Important: Only employees subscribing to the UVa Health Plan are eligible for the monthly health reward.

Rates listed below do not include health reward or non-tobacco discount

Choice, Value and Basic Health comparison chart

UVa Health Plan Monthly Rate - Choice Health Employee Rate Employer Rate Total Rate
Employee $90 $410 $500
Employee + Child(ren) $215 $766 $981
Employee + Spouse $242 $769 $1,011
Family $428 $1,145 $1,573
UVa Health Plan Monthly Rate - Value Health Employee Rate Employer Rate Total Rate
Employee $51 $410 $461
Employee + Child(ren) $85 $766 $851
Employee + Spouse $91 $769 $860
Family $150 $1,145 $1,295
UVa Health Plan Monthly Rate - Basic Health Employee Rate Employer Rate Total Rate
Employee $19 $410 $429
Employee + Child(ren) $24 $766 $790
Employee + Spouse $30 $769 $799
Family $58 $1,145 $1,203

Part-time salaried Faculty, University Staff, Research Associates, and Senior Professional Research Staff who participate in the Health Insurance Program are entitled to receive a 50% subsidy toward the cost of the employer portion of the health insurance premium.

While on leave without pay, individuals are ineligible for the non-tobacco discount and health reward.

Notice to J-1 and J-2 visa status holders: The U.S. government mandates strict adherence to the requirement under the J-1 program for all J-1 and J-2 visa status holders to maintain health insurance coverage for the duration of their program in the United States. If you will be eligible for health insurance coverage as part of your employment benefits at the University of Virginia, please be advised that your options under the program are limited to Choice Health or Value Health. Basic Health is a high deductible health option and does NOT meet the requirements for coverage under the US government’s regulations. J-1 and J-2 visa holders are not eligible to enroll in Basic Health.

Extended Coverage

Terminating employees and dependents who lose eligibility for coverage may have the option to extend continuous health care coverage through enrollment in Extended Coverage under the provisions of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). See COBRA Eligibility, Rates and Enrollment

Enrollment must be completed online using:

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Aetna Member Services - 1.800.987.9072

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