Life Insurance

Basic Group Life Insurance

VRS Basic Group Life Insurance Program administered by Minnesota Life is provided to employees participating in the Virginia Retirement System at no additional cost.

Program features

  • Natural death benefit in the amount of double the annual salary rounded to the next highest thousand

  • Benefit of twice the salary for accidental loss of one or more limbs or of eyesight; and

  • Coverage at the level of four times the salary for accidental death.

Watch this short video for an overview of the VRS Life Insurance Plan

If you leave employment for reasons other than service or disability retirement, you may convert to an individual whole-life policy at non-group rates with Minnesota Life Insurance Company. The conversion must take place within 31 days of the last day of the month in which you terminate employment.

Optional Group Life Insurance

VRS members may also purchase additional life insurance for themselves or coverage for their spouse or dependents. The amount of the coverage corresponds with the selected employee option, see details on levels of coverage and life insurance maximums.

Program Features

  • Yourself, spouse, and children are eligible

  • No Evidence of Insurability (EOI) required for yourself, spouse and children if form is received within 31 days (spousal coverage up to .5X with no EOI)

  • Four options of coverage levels to choose from

Life Insurance Summary Information

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