Value of UVA Temps

Our mission at UVA Temps is to find a diverse labor force of uniquely qualified temporary employees specifically for the work of UVA. Our flexible workforce advances the missions of the Academic, Health System, University Physicians Group Divisions, and foundations affiliated with UVA.

UVA Temps specializes in partnering with you to find the right individuals who will fit in to meet your department’s needs.

We provide flexible hiring practices that allow us to recruit superior sources of talent and let us increase the number and variety of employees available to departments to reduce the costs of accomplishing quality work. This means UVA will be even better positioned to meet the changing work expectations of our next generation of talented employees.

Our commitment to finding quality employees also includes recruiting candidates for hard-to-fill positions.

Value of UVA Temps

UVA Temps is a great resource for finding the right person to fill an open position. We add value to UVA in the following ways:

Collaboration: We build connections and strong networks within the University

Cost Savings: Reduces department’s overhead costs by providing an economical way of meeting staffing needs

Efficiency: Provides a balance between short term and long term planning

Fee: 15.8% fee that includes 10.5% UVA Temp Fee and 5.3% Fringe Benefit Fee, subject to change, compared to outside vendors that commonly charge a 60%-80% fee with an additional contract buy-out charge

Flexibility: Enables a department to navigate peaks and valleys without sacrificing core functions

Full-Service Employer: Provides an efficient process

Opportunity: Provides an opportunity for the department to evaluate the temporary employee without a commitment

The University of Virginia is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer. Women, minorities, veterans, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.