University Staff Leave

The University Staff Leave Plan combines three types of leave - annual, sick, and family/personal - into a consolidated leave program, giving employees more flexibility in how they use their time off. In many cases, University Staff will be able to use their accumulated leave bank for more vacation days. No one will lose time already accrued. Classified staff who switch to University Staff status can bring their accrued annual leave into the new system. For A&P Faculty who switch to University Staff status, the number of annual leave days could be higher than their current allotment, depending on the years of employment.

University Leave is allotted at the beginning of each new plan year (begins with the first day of the pay period which includes January 1 (known as Pay Period 1) and ends on the last day of the pay period preceding Pay Period 1 of the following year). New hires or re-hires will receive leave for the leave plan year in which they are (re)hired at a pro-rated rate based on the date of hire or re-hire. Part-time salaried employees earn leave at a rate proportionate to their part-time status (hours worked).

Leave Accrual and Carry-over

Years of Service Accrual Days per year Maximum Annual Leave Carry Forward/
Cash out after leaving
< 3 22 22
3-6 24 24
7-9 26 26
10-19 28 28
20+ 30 30

(The above tables do not include paid holidays, which range from 11 to 15 per year.)

General Leave Details

For each employee, the entire annual accrual will be available for use at the start of each leave year, prior to actually accruing the hours. This provides employees with maximum flexibility in their use of leave time. If an employee leaves the University during the course of the year, the time used and the time accrued are reconciled. Leave accrued, but not used, is paid to the employee in the pay period following the last day of employment. Leave used but not accrued is either subtracted from the employee’s final paycheck, or invoiced through Accounts Receivable if the amount owed to the University exceeds the net amount of the final paycheck.

There is only one type of leave, so all leave is available for carry forward.

In the University Staff Leave Plan the maximum number of days that could be carried forward is equal to one year’s accrual amount. The carry-forward hours serve as the beginning balance on to which the next year’s annual leave time is added.

For those Classified staff who move into the University Staff HR Plan with annual leave balances in excess of the employee’s carryover limit in the leave plan, the excess amount will not be lost. The excess balance will be retained in a separate leave bank that will remain available for use or for payout upon termination.

The University Staff leave program will pay University Staff for those “use-or-lose” hours at 50 percent of their value once the amount of annual leave goes beyond the maximum hours allowed for carry forward. To receive this cash-out, employees must have used a minimum of 10 days during the leave year. This minimum usage requirement is intended to encourage employees to take some time off to relax and rejuvenate.

Cash-out payment may be received as taxable income or it may be deposited into a tax-deferred savings plan.

The University Staff Leave Plan will continue other categories of leave from the State system, including: Compensatory & “Comp Special” Leave, Recognition Leave, Civil and Work-Related Leave (was Administrative Leave), Educational Leave, Emergency/Disaster Leave, Leave to Donate Bone Marrow or Organs, School Assistance and Volunteer Service Leave, Leave Without Pay, and Military Leave. These types of leave do not “accrue” an as employee entitlement but are available for use as needed. For example, if an employee must serve on jury duty or volunteers for the Day of Caring, that time is allowed in addition to the University Staff Leave Plan and is not deducted from leave.

Holidays are awarded separately and are not included in the annual leave accrual.

Proration of Leave for Mid-Year Election

Any employee who elects to become University Staff will receive a prorated allotment of University Leave based on their years of service and the remaining pay periods in the leave year. This prorated allotment, or leave earnings from that point forward until the end of the leave year, will vary depending on your University Staff election date and your years of service; the table below gives the calculation for 2013. You can find effective dates and number of remaining pay periods on the University Staff Enrollment Calendar.

Years of Service Proration Formula
< 3 176/26=6.7692 x # of remaining pay periods
3-6 192/26=7.3846 x # of remaining pay periods
7-9 208/26=8 x # of remaining pay periods
10-19 224/26=8.6153 x # of remaining pay periods
20+ 240/26=9.2307 x # of remaining pay periods

For example, a Classified employee with eight years of service who decides to switch to University Staff on Sept. 13 has a University Staff effective date of Oct. 8, and six remaining pay periods left in the year once converted. They would do the following calculation:

8x6=48 hours of leave that will be earned over those remaining pay periods in 2013.

If converting from Classified to University Staff, employees will be allowed to keep any annual leave hours that would have been in excess to the maximum carryover amount (i.e. use or lose annual hours). This annual leave will be converted to University Leave. No annual leave will be lost at conversion to University Staff.

Administrative and Professional Faculty that convert to University Staff will have no accrued leave time (any of the 22 unused Annual Days are forfeited; this leave did not roll from year to year when they were A&P faculty). They will receive a pro-rated amount of leave for the remainder of the year in which they switch.