University Staff HR Plan

Autumn on the grounds

Highlights of the University Staff HR Plan are listed below.

Leave and Benefits

  • University Staff Leave combines three types of leave (annual, sick, and family/personal) into one flexible leave type to use as you wish
  • Features faster accruals than the state‚Äôs
  • All leave is awarded up front at the beginning of the leave year
  • Offers a yearly cash-out (at 50%) for unused leave over the carry-forward limit
  • Exempt staff who switch are eligible to change retirement to the ORP
  • Exempt staff have greater flexibility when tracking leave (four hours or more instead of 15-minute increments)
  • University Staff earning less than $42,000 get a Supplemental Benefit Credit of $450 to offset their payroll deductions
  • Part-timers get a subsidy toward health care costs


  • Compensation is based on market-relevant salary ranges
  • Easier to reward employees than in the Classified system
  • University Staff are eligible for increases based on performance
  • University Staff who gain new skills and use them on the job can receive bonuses, raises, and promotions
  • There are no caps on increases when University Staff are promoted or change jobs

Career Development

  • Career paths outline different options for career progression at the University
  • Promotions through career paths are available only to University Staff


  • New rating scale and tools provide better ways to recognize outstanding performance

What Did We Keep?

The Plan offers state-of-the-art human resources policies and programs for a vibrant, engaged workforce. At the same time, the plan preserves those policies and core values that have made us a stable employer, like the following:

  • Employees in the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) keep the Virginia Sickness and Disability Program (VSDP) and its short-term disability benefit
  • Standards of Conduct and the right to pursue grievance procedures remain the same for University Staff as for Classified
  • Other leave types remain the same, as do holidays awarded by the president of the University
  • Your full term of both Classified and University Staff service will be considered for leave accrual, probationary periods, transfers to other state agencies, layoffs, seniority, and service awards