Complaint System FAQ

If I file a complaint through Respect@UVA, can I still file a grievance?

Yes. The Respect@UVA Complaint System is distinct from the grievance process. Filing one does not affect your ability to file the other.

When I submit a complaint, who does it go to?

Complaints are sent to the Employee Relations (ER) Manager and/or designee.

After initial review, the case will either be managed by the ER Manager or sent to an HR professional. You will be contacted within two business days to discuss your complaint.

Do I have to use this process, or can I use other resources such as Human Resources, the Faculty and Employee Assistance Program, or the Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights?

Respect@UVA is just one of many options you have to get help with your situation. We encourage you to go to the resource you are most comfortable with.

If I submit a complaint, will I be put in a situation where I have to talk about it with the person I have complained about?

Not necessarily. It will depend on your specific situation. The ER Manager or HR professional will help you decide the best course of action to resolve or mediate your situation.

If I submit a complaint and feel that the person is retaliating against me, what should I do?

Contact your supervisor or manager, HR representative, or the ER Manager as soon as you experience any type of retaliation. Please notify someone who can help you immediately.

Please see the Anti-Retaliation, Confidentiality, and Anonymity page for more information.

Can I file an anonymous complaint?

Yes, you can file an anonymous complaint electronically or on paper. To file electronically, enter the details of your complaint but leave the contact information blank. To file by paper, print the complaint form and submit via mail to

Employee Relations Manager
914 Emmet Street
P.O. Box 400127
Charlottesville, VA 22904