How To File A Complaint

The University of Virginia encourages all employees to speak up if they feel that they are being treated disrespectfully. The University offers many options when seeking assistance, such as your supervisor, department management, HR Consultant, FEAP Consultant, the University Ombuds, or your local HR representative. As an alternative, the University has created the Respectful Workplace Complaint System.

Below is the Complaint System workflow and the steps that will occur.

1. Filing a Complaint

Upon accessing the Complaint System, you will need to fill in a form with information regarding your situation. You must complete the required information which is in bold type. Once you have entered your information, you will need to click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen. Your complaint information will then be submitted to the Respect@ Coordinator in University Human Resources.

2. Complaint Received by HRCS

The Respect@ Coordinator or designee will review your complaint and contact you within 2 business days.

3. Information Gathering

The Respect@ Coordinator or designee will discuss the complaint with you, review details, and gather supporting information.

4. Evaluate Information

The Respect@ Coordinator or designee will triage the complaint to the appropriate office for investigation. Only those individuals with a “need to know” will be contacted and provided with sensitive information to the extent necessary to resolve the complaint adequately.

5. Investigation

The relevant office will investigate the complaint through their internal processes to conclusion.

6. Reporting

Results of the investigation will be compiled into a report by the investigating office and sent to the respective VP/Dean and the Vice President of Human Resources. Medical Center reports will be directed to the Chief Human Resource Officer and the Vice President and CEO of the Medical Center.

7. Follow-Up

The Respect@ Coordinator or designee (whoever made first contact with you) will follow-up to check in on your situation and ensure that the initial complaint has been resolved.

Should you have any questions regarding this process or during this process, please contact the Respect@ Coordinator at 434-243-2205.