Self Service Time & Leave

What is Self-Service Time and Leave?

Self-Service Time and Leave is the University’s on-line time and leave tracking system. All staff and student workers use Self Service Time and Leave to record their time and leave. (There are a few exceptions: some departments are continuing to use time capture systems, such as Facilities’ Web Daily time system.)

The system is accessed through the Integrated System’s Employee Self-Service function. (you will be prompted to log in). You may also use Self-Service for things like viewing your payslip, changing your address, or printing your W-2s.

Need Help?

There are online simulations available for employees and managers. Refer to the online help or the IS Support website for basic navigation questions related to online time and leave. For access to the Integrated System and password resets, please contact the HR Service Center.

Who uses Self Service Time & Leave?

Employees who are required to report hours worked or leave taken, including Classified Staff, University Staff, wage, and student workers. Faculty (both Teaching & Research and Administrative & Professional) and Research Associates do not use the system to track their own time, but need to use it to approve leave if they supervise staff.

How does the System Work?

Staff log in to the Integrated System Employee Self-Service responsibility to see an on-line version of a standard time sheet.

If you are: * Non-exempt Staff (eligible for overtime), you record hours worked and leave taken.

  • Exempt Staff (not eligible for overtime), you only record leave taken.

  • Wage or Temp, including Students, you record hours worked.

Managers approve time on-line rather than sign a paper time sheet. Everyone who is designated as a manager or supervisor in the Integrated System has been given access to Manager Self-Service (link requires Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher) through the Integrated System. This tool allows managers to see employment information for all their direct reports, all in one place. Managers can use the Integrated System to approve time, or they can approve directly from an email notifying them that a staff member has submitted a timecard for review.

Timecards will go to whoever is identified as the manager in the Integrated System. It is recommended that departments continue to update the accuracy of their assignments, inactivating assignments and correcting managers.

There are four ways to enter time in the new system:

  • By the employee through UVA Employee Self-Service;
  • By the manager through UVA Manager Self-Service;
  • By a timekeeper through a new timekeeper form;
  • From an upload through an interface—for instance, an upload from a time clock.

While all these options for entering time are available, we encourage staff to use the Employee Self-Service option.

What if employees don’t have access to a computer?

If you are expected to track your own time, schools and units must make a computer available to you during business hours. In addition, University Human Resources offers computer basics classes to help you learn how to use a computer and navigate to the Integrated System’s UVA Employee Self-Service responsibility.

Certain schools and units continue to use their time clocks or their timekeepers to track time; talk to the Human Resources professionals in your area to find out which method you use to track your time. See Timecard Submission.


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