Manager Self Service Time & Leave FAQs

How do I approve or reject timecards?

You have two options:

  • Through email notification

    • You will get an email for each timecard that requires approval
    • If you reject the timecard, inform the employee why the timecard has been rejected
    • Do not add a comment in the system-generated notification
  • Through Manager Self-Service

    • Log in and approve or reject timecards through the Worklist notification
    • There is a comment field at the bottom screen to enter an explanation for rejecting a timecard

If you have trouble with your email notifications, Manager Self-Service is always available so you can approve your timecards in a timely manner.

How often do employees need to submit a timecard, and what is the deadline?

Non-exempt University and Classified Staff must submit timecards on a biweekly basis. Exempt staff only need to submit a timecard if they use any type of leave during the pay period.

The deadline for submitting timecards is 12:00 p.m. on the Monday after the pay period end date. Employees should submit timecards on Friday (if they’re not working the weekend) or Sunday by midnight at the latest.

If your employees miss a deadline, they must submit a completed and signed paper timesheet found at the bottom of the Integrated System website under Human Resources links. The paper timesheet must be faxed to Payroll at 434.924.4042.

What is the deadline for approving employee timecards?

You should make a habit of approving timecards as soon as they are submitted into the system.

  • You receive four system-generated email notifications that a timecard needs to be approved
  • The fourth notification is copied to your supervisor
  • Twenty-nine days after the end of the pay period, Payroll will notify the Vice President of the responsible supervisor’s school or unit that timecards remain unapproved
  • Thirty-six days after the pay period end date, Payroll will notify the Executive Vice President and University Audit that the timecards remain unapproved

How do I know if my employee has not submitted a timecard?

You will receive an email notification for each timecard submitted. You will also have a notification listed in the Integrated System. Check your list of employees to determine which timecards are missing.

Timekeepers are required to run an Oracle report to monitor missing timecards on the deadline Monday for non-exempt employees. Timekeepers can also view employee timecards that may not have been submitted yet. If you have questions, ask your timekeeper to view the records of a particular employee.

Can I delegate my timecards to another person if I am going to be out of the office on leave or travel?

Yes, you must set up a vacation rule to delegate your timecards to another person who has knowledge and authority to sign employee work schedules. No one can set this up for you, so please be sure to do it before you leave. If the person who approves vacation rule also reports to you, he or she will be included in the list of timecards that need to be approved. However, employees cannot approve their own timecards. You must assign someone else to approve this one timecard, and that notification can be forwarded to that person for approval.

Can I enter time for my employee? How do I enter time for my employee?

Yes. Log in to Manager Self-Service, select Time Entry, choose the employee, click on the Action icon, and click Create Timecard. Enter the employee’s leave taken and/or hours worked. Save the timecard but do not submit. An automated process will run prior to payroll processing to approve these timecards. Print a copy of the timecard you submitted and obtain employee approval upon return.

Exception: If employees are hired or terminate in the middle of a pay period, they must complete a paper timesheet signed by them and their manager. This timesheet must be faxed to Payroll before the 12:00 p.m. Monday deadline. Also, if an employee transfers to another department, returns from or goes on leave or suspension, changes their hours, is placed on or returns from short-term disability, or goes on or returns from worker’s compensation leave in the middle of a pay period, the employee must submit a paper timesheet.

Can I create or approve timecards from any computer at any location?

You can create or approve timecards from any computer that has internet access, from any location. You will not need the VPN to access Manager Self-Service.

Can I change my employee’s timecard?

No, you will not be able to make changes to an employee’s timecard that has been submitted to you until you first reject the timecard. After the timecard is in rejected status, you can then makes the necessary changes and save the timecard.

I am entering my employee’s timecard and know leave was taken, but am not sure what type of leave. What should I select?

If you are unable to find out what type of leave the employee wants to take, you should select Annual Leave or University Leave, according to the employee type. If the employee wished to take a different type of leave, it can be adjusted retroactively upon returning to work. The employee will need to submit to you a corrected paper timesheet for the entire pay period, indicating the appropriate leaves. After you have approved the timesheet, the timekeeper will submit it for a retro-correction to HR.

How do I enter time for an exempt employee with an additional hourly assignment?

The manager of the hourly assignment should submit an approved paper timecard to the departmental timekeeper with hours worked. UHR Payroll will manually calculate the overtime pay or straight pay.