Employee Self Service FAQs

How do I enter time and leave?
You can create your timecard from any computer that has internet access, from any location, with the following steps:

  • Log in to Employee Self-Service and select Time Entry
  • Click Create Timecard and select the pay period for which you are entering time and/or leave from drop-down list
  • Select Hours Type and Assign/Mgr
  • Enter Hours or Start and Stop times (shift workers only)

How often do I need to submit a timecard, and what is the deadline?
Non-exempt University and Classified Staff must submit timecards on a biweekly basis. Exempt staff only need to submit a timecard if they use any type of leave during the pay period.

The deadline for submitting timecards is 12:00 p.m. on the Monday after the pay period end date. Submit your timecard on Friday (if you’re not working the weekend) or Sunday by midnight at the latest.

If your timecard has a status of Submitted (not Working or Rejected) it will be processed.

View the Payroll Calendar.

How do I modify a timecard?
You can only modify or delete a timecard in Working (saved) or Rejected status.

Log in to Employee Self-Service, select Timecard Search, enter the pay period begin and end date, click Go, and then the Update icon.

To delete a timecard, log in to Employee Self-Service, select Timecard Search, enter the pay period begin and end dates, click Go, and then the Delete icon.

To change a timecard after submitting it, ask your manager to reject the timecard so you can make the change and resubmit for approval. If your manager already approved it, the timecard cannot be changed. You will have to submit a corrected paper timesheet for the entire pay period. Your departmental timekeeper can assist you.

What if I have to take a couple of days off, but I have no leave balances to cover those days?
You should enter the leave type you would have used if you had a balance. Do not leave those days blank on your timecard. The system will automatically check your available leave balances, and if you do not have the appropriate leave, the system will automatically dock your for those days.

Can I create and submit a timecard for a future pay period?
Yes. However, you will only see the current pay period’s timecard and timecards for the next two future pay periods. You should only complete a timecard for a future pay period if you are definitely taking approved leave for that entire pay period; otherwise, wait to complete the timecards.

How do I complete my timecard if I am an exempt employee?
You will enter only the hours of leave you have taken. However, if you are exempt and worked on a holiday, enter your hours worked and select the Hours Type Comp Special Holiday Worked. You will be compensated with comp leave for working on a holiday. Exempt employees are not eligible for overtime.

If you are an exempt employee with an additional hourly assignment, submit a paper timesheet for the hourly assignment to the departmental timekeeper. UVA Finance - Payroll will manually calculate the overtime pay or straight pay.

If I forget to submit my timecard or my manager rejects it, will I get paid?
If you are an exempt employee, you will be auto-paid. If you are a non-exempt employee (overtime eligible), your manager or departmental timekeeper has the ability to create a timecard and enter your time and leave for you. You must review the timecard when you return to work if it was entered by your supervisor or timekeeper. If no one takes an action to create and submit your timecard, you will not be paid.

Will the same amount of taxes and other deductions be taken from all my biweekly paychecks?
State and federal taxes will be calculated on your biweekly earnings but will not change when taken over the course of the whole year. Deductions for premiums like health, vision and life insurance, flexible spending accounts, long-term care, and parking will be taken out 24 times a year. Some deductions, such as the UVA Community Credit Union, tax-deferred savings program (TDSP), child support, and garnishments will be deducted 26 times a year. This means that employees will receive two checks a year without these deductions, which will be for a slightly larger amount.

If I am paid as a unit paid employee or a goal pay employee, do I need to submit a timecard?
Faculty and unit pay and goal pay employees do not submit timecards. Only exempt and non-exempt staff employees and wage employees who are paid by the hour are required to submit timecards.

Why can’t I submit my timecard?
You may be in a circumstance that requires you to submit a paper timesheet. You will need to submit a paper timesheet, signed by you and your manager, if you do the following in the middle of a pay period:

  • are hired or terminate
  • transfer to another department
  • return from or go on leave or suspension
  • change your hours
  • are placed on or return from short-term disability
  • go on or return from worker’s compensation leave

You must submit your timesheet to Payroll before the 12:00 p.m. Monday deadline (fax: 434.924.4042).