Timeline for New Assignments

Automatic processes are utilized to ensure that new assignments for existing employees will have the same direct deposit and tax information as the preceding assignments. This is convenient for the employee as it prevents having to fill out the same forms every time a new assignment is created.

These processes utilize the current system date as the effective date for updating the new assignment, and so in order for these processes to function successfully new assignments must be added within the payroll period begin and end dates, even when there is additional time to continue adding assignments before the payroll is processed.

In those rare cases where new assignments have to be created after the pay period end date but prior to payroll processing, please contact the Payroll Department to ensure that direct deposit and tax withholding are correct. Otherwise, a paper check will be generated and the employee may be taxed incorrectly.

In addition, if an assignment is not created before the start of the next pay period, the employee will not be able to submit a timecard in Employee Self-Service. In this instance, the employee will have to submit a completed paper timesheet, with employee and supervisor signatures, by the payroll processing deadline (5pm Monday after the pay period ends).

To prevent these issues, always create new assignments as soon as the employee begins working, and if that is impossible, make sure that the assignment is created prior to the end of the first pay period they work in.