Revising the Moving Agreement

If you need to make changes to a fully-executed (signed by UHR) Moving Agreement, you must submit a revised Moving Agreement.

Examples of this include a change in the

  • “move from” location
  • maximum total amount of the agreement or a change in the amount that can be reimbursed directly to the employee (cannot be more than $15,000)
  • start date

Extend the End Date

In addition to submitting a revised Moving Agreement for an extension, you must include a cover letter (written letter or email correspondence) stating the reason for the extension request. All requests to extend the end date should be submitted prior to the current end date of the fully-executed Moving Agreement.

Typical reasons for requesting an extension might include

  • the spouse and children have not yet been able to relocate
  • the house has not yet sold (wish to take advantage of allowable expenses related to selling a house)
  • not yet found suitable house to buy (wish to take advantage of the allowable expenses related to buying a house)
  • final move is not yet complete

How to Submit a Revised Moving Agreement

  • Use your copy of the fully-executed Moving Agreement to make the changes
  • Write in the upper right coner: REVISED
  • Strike through the fields you wish to change
  • Enter the changes you wish to make (be sure the change is legible; you can use the margins if you don’t have enough room)
  • Everyone who signed the original agreement must initial and date each change
  • Strike through all of the signatures (employee, departmental, Dean’s Office/VP) if required
  • Each person who signed the original agreement must re-sign and date the revised agreement
  • Scan and send the revised agreement to