Conflict & Dispute Resolution


The University of Virginia understands that conflict is a normal part of human interaction. Even with the best intentions, people may find they have trouble dealing satisfactorily with interpersonal conflict at work. Over time, unresolved conflict can negatively affect working relationships and the work environment. The University offers Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services to help Faculty and Staff find constructive ways to deal with conflict in order to maintain a positive, healthy work culture.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The University of Virginia ADR is a partnership including Human Resources Consultants, the Faculty and Employee Assistance Program (FEAP), and the University Ombudsman, who work collaboratively to provide comprehensive alternative dispute resolution to all employees. We provide professional conflict management consultation, education and services designed to facilitate the effective management of workplace disputes. For more information, see the Alternative Dispute Resolution program details.

Formal Grievance

The University of Virginia encourages direct communication between supervisors and employees to promptly resolve workplace concerns. While the university has formal grievance procedures, employees are encouraged to use conflict resolution skills and resources to resolve differences. The best and most lasting solutions and resolutions are those created by the people directly involved.

Faculty Grievance Policies & Procedures


In addition, the University Ombudsman is an independent, confidential resource available to assist faculty, staff, and students in resolving problems, complaints, conflicts, and other issues when normal processes and procedures have not worked satisfactorily.

Policies and Procedures