How to Use ADR

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Mission Statement

  • UVA’s Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) program is a partnership of HR consultants, the Faculty and Employee Assistance Program (FEAP), and the University Ombuds
  • We collaborate to provide professional conflict management consultation, education, and services to help all employees reach collaborative, mutually beneficial solutions to workplace disputes

How It Works

  • Provides an alternative approach to the grievance process, but does not replace it (can be used before or instead of)
  • Uses conflict management techniques like mediation, conflict coaching, and facilitation
  • Voluntary and informal, and it can be used without fear of retaliation

Advantages of ADR

This service

  • informally resolves problems with a colleague, supervisor, or subordinate before they get to a formal grievance process
  • addresses issues involving multiple parties with common concerns
  • provides opportunities to work with a neutral mediator who is striving for fair, equitable solutions and adherence to university policies

You will

  • get information about University policies and referrals to appropriate University programs
  • receive consultation ranging from specific issues involving colleagues or coworkers to a comprehensive approach to conflict management in your organization
  • learn strategies for initiating discussions where tensions may exist

For general information or to schedule an appointment, call 434.924.4105.