Hire a UVA Temp

A Temp Recruiter will assist your department in filling temporary employment needs when the following circumstances occur:

  • Temporary absences of regular employees due to vacation, leaves, or sudden departure
  • During the recruitment of vacant positions
  • When additional help is needed for special projects or during peak or seasonal time periods

Hire a Temp

Step 1: Submit a Temp Order Request in Jobs@UVA

Step 2: UVA Temps has an established selection process. Once an individual has been selected and assigned, it is important to prepare for bringing them on board in your department.

Step 3: When you no longer need the services of your temp employee, communicate the end date in advance. A temp recruiter will be happy to call the temp employee if a supervisor cannot do so.

Step 4: Call or email UVA Temps when the temp employee should be terminated in Oracle.


Contact temps@virginia.edu or call 434.982.2831 if you have questions.