Jobs@UVa Information

Jobs@UVa is the University’s on-line position description and applicant tracking system. It is used by departments/units to create and modify job descriptions, post vacancies, and hire new employees. It is used by applicants to apply for jobs that are open at the University.

Position Descriptions

Jobs@UVa is the official system that houses position descriptions at the University. Departments/units must use Jobs@UVa to create and update/modify job descriptions for University Staff and wage/hourly jobs.

Posting a Job

All job openings at the University are posted through the administrative login to Jobs@UVa. Postings for University Staff positions that are Managerial and Professional and Operational and Administrative are reviewed by HR Consulting Services prior to final posting as are wage jobs. University Executive Staff positions are reviewed by Equal Opportunity Programs (EOP) prior to posting.

Applying for an Opening

Applicants applying for employment opportunities at the University must complete an on-line application or candidate profile in Jobs@UVa. Applicants applying for University Staff positions that are Managerial and Administrative or Operational and Administrative complete a staff application. A staff application is also completed for wage/hourly openings. Applicants applying for temporary pool positions complete a Temp application. Applicants applying for a University Executive Staff position complete a Candidate Profile. Applicants may view and search job openings at the University at Jobs@UVa.

Hiring an Applicant (Salary Determination and Employment Offer)

Departments/units select their final candidate through Jobs@UVa. In the case of Managerial and Professional and Operational and Administrative University Staff positions as well as wage jobs, the departments/units recommend a salary through Jobs@UVa that is reviewed by University Human Resources (HR Consulting Services). HR Consulting Services works with the department/unit representative to establish a salary that is competitive with the market and consistent with the Pay Practices Program for University Staff Employees policy (HRM – 024). Salaries are determined by the applicant’s educational background, experience, and job-related salary history; the type of position; the competitive market range for the job, the impact to current employees’ salaries in the department/unit and University; and the availability of funding. Once the salary has been determined, HR Consulting Services will officially extend an offer of employment to the final candidate on behalf of the University. Only HR Consulting Services is authorized to make offers of employment for Managerial and Professional and Operational and Administrative University Staff positions as well as wage jobs unless the department/unit has obtained a delegated hiring agreement with HR Consulting Services.

Departments/units select the final candidate and determine the salary directly in Jobs@Uva for University Executive Staff. HR Consulting Services is available to provide salary market information and assistance in arriving at a final salary. The employment offer is made directly by the hiring department/unit.