Change Characteristics of an Existing Position

All changes to existing positions must be submitted and processed by University Human Resources (UHR) before any hire transaction can be processed in HRMS. There are several types of management-initiated changes that may impact a position:

  • Role Change (Classified Staff Only)
  • Redefinition
  • Abolishment
  • Position Attribute Change(s)
  • Promotions (University Staff Only)

Definitions of Types of Changes

  • Abolishment: A management-initiated deletion of an existing position assigned to a specific organization.

  • Position Attribute Change(s): A management-initiated change to a position characteristic (attribute) that is included within the fields of a position record. Attributes include:

    • Organization Code
    • Role (Job) Title
    • Work Title
    • Appointment Type (for Faculty and Professional Research Staff only)
    • Location
    • Number of working hours/week
    • Number of months per year
    • End date of position
    • Health Care License Required
    • Drug Testing Required
    • Telecommuting Eligible
    • Alternate Work Schedule Eligible
  • Promotions: A base pay adjustment for University Staff reflecting an employee’s advancement in applied skills and/or responsibilities; assuming additional responsibilities which either do, or do not change the primary function of the job.

  • Redefinition [for staff, university staff, Administrative General Faculty (AGF) and Professional General Faculty (PGF)]: A management-initiated change in the duties and responsibilities performed by an employee that does not warrant a change in the job/role title or pay band.

  • Role Change (for Classified Staff only): A management-initiated, non-competitive movement to a different role in a higher, lower or the same pay band.