University Staff

The University Staff Plan is based on a compensation philosophy of using market information on salaries from similar jobs to determine employee pay ranges. Market-based pay ranges are used to determine University Staff base salaries.

  • Market data includes salary data on pay rates of similar jobs, in relevant sectors (higher education, private, public, etc.), and in similar geographic markets (primarily Virginia)
  • National and regional data are used for positions that are recruited nationally and regionally

Market pay ranges are divided into thirds:

  • Beginning third reflects pay for those with emerging qualifications and competencies
  • Middle third reflects pay for those with proficiency and full qualifications
  • Upper third is reserved for pay for those with advanced capabilities, unique qualifications or subject matter expertise, and for those whose performance consistently exceeds expectations

These factors help determine where a salary belongs in a range. Employee salaries typically fall between the lower and upper end of their market range, and it is possible for salaries to be above or below a market range.