University Staff

The University Staff Plan is based on a compensation philosophy of using market information on salaries from similar jobs to determine employee pay ranges. Market-based pay ranges are used to determine University Staff base salaries.

Market data includes salary data on pay rates of similar jobs, in relevant sectors (higher education, private, public, etc.) and in similar geographic markets, Virginia market data is primarily used. National and regional data are used for positions that are recruited nationally and regionally.

Competitive Pay Opportunity Table

Market pay ranges are divided into thirds. The beginning third reflects emerging qualifications and competencies, the middle third reflects proficiency and full qualifications, and the upper third is reserved for advanced capabilities, unique qualifications or subject matter expertise, and for those whose performance consistently exceeds expectations. These factors help determine where a salary belongs in a range. Employee salaries typically fall between the lower and upper end of their market range, and it is possible for salaries to be above or below a market range.

The principle of value in the University Staff HR Program is the Employee — including their knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies, their pursuit of ongoing professional development, as well as their individual contributions to successful performance outcomes for the jobs they perform. Employees have the option of applying their talents in a variety of jobs at the University. The pay opportunities for those jobs are reflected in the relevant market ranges assigned to each position, which can be found by visiting our title summary tool here.

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