New Hires and Promotion

New Hires

Market ranges assigned within the UVA Job Structure determine competitive starting pay for both internal and external candidates accepting new positions.

UVA uses a holistic set of compensable factors to inform salary decisions, including determining initial offers. This approach allows managers to consider salary decisions systematically, resulting in more consistent and equitable decision-making across Grounds. These are the factors:

  • Qualifications (education, experience, unique skills)
  • Job content and individual performance contributions
  • The position of the employee’s pay in the market pay range
  • Employee’s pay relative to similar jobs at UVA
  • Pay history


Promotion pay is available to University Staff in the form of a base pay increase. A holistic review of compensation factors is used to support salary decisions. There are no state-mandated limitations on the amount of a promotion pay increase, subject to the availability of funding. If the employee is above the top of the market pay range, the increase is typically provided as a bonus rather than a base salary increase.

Promotion pay may be granted for the following:

  • On-the-job application of new skills documented in the employee’s Career Development Action Plan
  • Significant changes in job duties and responsibilities with no change in UVA job title
  • Significant changes in job duties and responsibilities with an increase in market pay range and change in UVA job title