Incentive Pay and Reward and Recognition

Incentive Pay

Incentive Pay includes items such as a sign-on bonus, retention bonus, project-based bonus plans, or other variable pay options intended to assist with the recruitment and retention of exceptional or mission-critical employees.

Incentive Pay Procedures

Reward and Recognition

Employees may receive bonuses, non-monetary awards, and recognition leave for their contributions to the overall objectives of the University. These rewards are typically provided to employees in recognition of

  • teamwork
  • special project completion
  • identification/implementation of new or modified business practices
  • exemplary effort
  • employee appreciation

Employees who acquire additional knowledge, skills, abilities, and/or competencies as outlined in the Learning Plan are eligible for a promotional one-time payment in recognition of the completion of the designated action(s). Reward amounts are decided by the school or department, but are limited to the policy maximum of $2,000 per employee per fiscal year (for Classified Staff) or $3,000 or 10% of salary, whichever is greater, per employee per fiscal year (for University Staff).