Adjustments in Base Pay

Performance Merit

This adjustment in base pay is based on an employee’s overall performance contribution as measured by the annual performance evaluation. If an employee’s base pay is at or above the upper reference for the pay range, the merit amount may be provided as a one-time payment, rather than as a base pay adjustment, or a combination of both.

Each year the UVA Board of Visitors will review and approve a merit increase budget recommendation developed by UVA Human Resources. Once approved, guidelines for annual merit increase adjustments will be distributed to the schools and departments on an annual basis.

Establishment of Merit Guidelines

Annually, the Compensation Manager develops and provides merit guidelines and a proposed merit budget to the Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, who submits the recommendation to the University Board of Visitors for the provision of merit increases to University Staff. The guidelines and budget are based on an annual assessment of market positioning of the University.

The Board of Visitors reviews and approves or modifies the recommendation. UHR then issues merit guidelines to the Deans of School and Vice Presidents. Merit guidelines outline the following:

  • a range of percentage increases to base salary based on overall performance ratings
  • circumstances in which one-time payment rather than a base salary increase should be used
  • the common effective date for merit increases
  • designated approval authorities

Approval of Merit Increase

Using the Lead@UVA System, schools and units enter merit increases based on the merit guidelines. UHR monitors to ensure adherence to the guidelines.

Strategic Compensation Alignment

This adjustment in base pay is provided to retain employees critical to the work of the University. Salary adjustment decisions are made using a holistic approach where multiple relevant factors are considered in support of sound pay decision-making. These factors include

  • market-based pay range
  • employee skills and competencies
  • competitive counter-offers
  • performance

Strategic compensation adjustments and in-band adjustments must have the approval of the appropriate Vice President or Dean.

Differential Pay

This adjustment in base pay usually reflects specified job conditions (shift, hazards, etc.) and/or makes salaries competitive with the market. Differentials may be applied to jobs, geographic locations, or individual positions in the University.

All differential pay is approved by UVA Human Resources.