Annual Service Awards Events

We appreciate your long-term commitment to UVA. If you are a staff member and have been here 10 or more years, you will receive an invitation to be formally honored with your colleagues who have reached the same milestone. After your 10-year anniversary, we continue to honor you every five years for the duration of your service.

If you are celebrating 25 years or more, this recognition includes a dinner at the Boar’s Head Inn, special remarks from President Teresa Sullivan, a certificate, pin, and gift.

We do our best to maintain an accurate list, but encourage you to contact Elizabeth Carey Feola at (434.924.1484) if you think you qualify.

Who’s eligible?

  • University Staff (salaried, academic division)
  • Classified Staff (salaried, academic division)
  • Health System Staff (salaried)
  • Employees who have converted from Faculty to Staff (credited from the date of initial hire)

This includes

  • Service in any department
  • Salaried part-time employment
  • Service on a wage basis (appropriately recorded)
  • Military Leave service (taken according to leave regulations)
  • Leave without pay to attend school (recorded and certified by supervisor)
  • Non-continuous service (the total amount of employment, even if interrupted)

Non-staff (faculty, students, etc.) are not part of this program.

If you have not reached your anniversary by July 1 of the award year, you will be recognized the following year. Ex. Someone hired July 4, 2007 would celebrate a 10 year anniversary in 2018.