Health Reward FAQ

The 2017 Fall Campaign has ended. Be sure to participate in the 2018 Spring Fitness Challenge (January 16 - April 27, 2018) to get rewarded! Visit our homepage to learn how employees and spouses on the UVA Health Plan can earn up to $200 each.

All UVA employees and their spouses covered under the UVA Health Plan are eligible to participate and earn rewards for completing Hoo’s Well fitness challenges. Rewards will be paid in the UVA Health Plan subscriber’s paycheck as taxable income. You must have been covered by the health plan during the Challenge period and at time of payout in order to receive the reward.

How can I check to see if I am getting my 2018 Spring Fitness Challenge reward?
Check your late July/early August 2018 (7/20, 7/27, or 8/1) paystub to see if you and/or your spouse covered by the health plan earned the health reward payout. All nine-month faculty will receive rewards in their September 28 paycheck. Hoo’s Well will send all completers an email to alert you of the reward in your paycheck. If you are on Choice, Value, or Basic, you will receive the reward in the health plan subscriber’s paycheck as taxable income.

I’m not seeing my reward. How can I verify that my activities show complete with ActiveHealth? Visit MyActiveHealth Portal to be sure that your previous rewards summary shows that you have completed the necessary steps to earn your reward. You can call ActiveHealth at 1.855.231.3715 if you are having trouble locating the reward completion history.

I’m still not seeing my Spring Fitness Challenge reward in my July or August 2018 paycheck. What should I do now?
If you feel that you have completed the items necessary to get rewarded but did not get your reward payout in your July/August 2018 paycheck, please complete an appeals form in full and provide proper documentation. The appeals form has complete instructions. Appeals will not be accepted prior to reward payout on 7/20, 7/27, or 8/1 (9/28 for nine-month faculty).

If I am on the Basic Health Plan, will my rewards be deposited in my HSA?
No, your reward will be deposited in your July/early August, 2018 paycheck.