Quit for Life FAQ

What does the program include?

  • Five treatment sessions over the phone with a professional tobacco treatment specialist (Quit Coach)
  • Tailored quit plan (developed one-on-one with Quit Coach)
  • Guidance and support from Quit Coach
  • Unlimited toll-free access to the coaches for the duration of the program
  • Access to Web Coach, an online community for information and support from other participants
  • Recommendations on type, dose, and duration of medication (including patch, gum, Bupropion, or Chantix)
  • Free nicotine replacement therapy (patch/gum) mailed directly to your home, if appropriate
  • Printed Quit Guides to help you stay on track between calls

Who is eligible for the program?

Employees, their spouses, and their adult dependents, 18 or older who are enrolled in the UVA Health Plan

How much does it cost to participate?

The UVA Health Plan fully subsidizes the cost of the program ($365), so it is free for eligible participants, including nicotine patches/gum and prescription drugs which deter smoking.

These prescription drugs currently include

  • Zyban

  • Chantix

  • Nicotine Nasal Spray (Nicotrol)

  • Nicotine Inhaler (Nicotrol)

Coverage is limited to three treatment cycles.

Why are we subsidizing this program?

  • We believe quitting tobacco is an important step to improve the health of our employees.
  • The health benefits of quitting tobacco start almost immediately and continue for a lifetime.
  • On average, people who don’t use tobacco have lower medical expenses than those who do. Our employees will enjoy better health, live longer, and save money on healthcare.

What about other forms of tobacco besides cigarettes?

The Quit For Life Program is tailored to the needs of the participants. Whatever the tobacco type—cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or even smokeless tobacco—the program’s trained Quit Coaches will work with participants to design an effective quit plan.

Is participation confidential?

Under federal law, all Quit For Life employees are required to protect the confidentiality of participants’ personal health information. If you have specific questions about how the program protects privacy, please contact Quit For Life.

How does someone enroll?

A registration specialist will verify eligibility to enroll and transfer you to a Quit Coach for an initial intervention.