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Onsite Fitness Classes at Work

Think and play outside the box! Would you like to have yoga, Zumba, tai chi, or another fitness class at your workplace? Hoo’s Well and IM-Rec Sports will bring a Drop-In Fitness class onsite to you and your colleagues.

  • First three classes free, courtesy of Hoo’s Well
  • A session requires at least six people and a space to accommodate the class
  • Your division or department can have a free, private class at one of our fitness facilities
  • To continue beyond three classes, make payment arrangements directly with IM-Rec

Contact hooswell@virginia.edu to set up a class

M.O.V.E. Classes (formerly Steps@ UVA)

Burn some calories, boost your energy, and return to your work site refreshed and invigorated!

M.O.V.E. Classes

*Mobilize your feet to get away from your desk/workspace
*Optimize your time with 15 minutes of guided activity
*Variety of different functional movements to strengthen and stretch
*Energize your mind and body to resume work with efficiency

No equipment needed, except walking shoes. Weather will dictate an outdoor or indoor route.

Visit the UVA WorkMed website to register and see other offerings.

Exercise Physiology Core Lab (EPCL)

EPCL offers fitness and body composition services to the community. You will receive precise measurements (rather than indirect or estimated) that provide valuable information on your level of fitness.

  • Improve your maximum performance or find baseline measures (EPCL video)
  • Enhance your weight loss strategy
  • Services include body composition analysis, resting metabolism measurements, and fitness tests (measuring maximal oxygen consumption/VO2 max) (EPCL employee discounts)

Visit the EPCL website

Exercising at the office

Use these resources to incorporate exercise into your daily work routine.


The UVA Speed, Power, Endurance, Education, and Development (SPEED) Clinic combines modern technology with practical experience in sports to optimize athletic performance and heal or reduce the risk of injury.