Hoo’s Choice Nutrition Program

Hoo’s Choice is a point-of-choice nutrition program that facilitates and encourages healthy food choices across the University of Virginia.

Hoo’s Choice is rolling out a healthy and convenient boxed lunch, which will initially be offered through UVA Catering and Medical Center Catering in addition to being availed at the UVA Medical Center Cafeteria.

Hoo’s Choice will then expand to retail locations around Grounds. The boxed lunch includes a rotating selection of delicious sandwiches & wraps, rounded out with Greek yogurt, and fruit.

Hoo’s Choice selections are

• Low in calories, saturated fat, and sodium

• High in fiber and taste!

A home-grown, evidence-based program

Hoo’s Choice is the product of a collaboration among Hoo’s Well, ARAMARK, Morrison and UVA dietitians to address the main barriers to healthy eating at work[1]: cost, convenience, time constraints and limited availability of affordable, healthy food. It supports wellness goals that UVA employees have articulated; the most popular health-related goals and areas of greatest readiness to change among UVA employees are improving dietary habits. [2]


[1] A. Pridgeon and K. Whitehead, “A qualitative study to investigate the drivers and barriers to healthy eating in two public sector workplaces,” J. Hum. Nutr. Diet., vol. 26, no. 1, pp. 85–95.

[2] Active Health Management, “Active Wellness Solution Report: October 1, 2016 - September 30, 2017.” 21-Oct-2017.