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Is It Time For a Money Checkup?

Whether you’re navigating your first financial experiences, managing day-to-day expenses, or seeking to maintain your lifestyle, the right decisions will put you on a path to being financially fit.

  • This interactive tool guides you in determining where you stand financially

  • In 10 minutes or less, see where to improve and clear steps to help you make the most of your money

Money Checkup - Fidelity

Getting Started Financially

If you’ve recently graduated, gotten married, bought a home, or just started paying off education loans, you’ll benefit from these tips.

Starting Out - TIAA

Connect with Other Women on Financial Topics

  • Online financial community for peer-to-peer discussions and sharing of expert insights
  • Advice on paying for college, investing wisely, and planning for eventual retirement
  • Ask the Experts section from noted authors
  • Live events featuring financial experts


Financial Basics

Budgeting, managing debt, reducing health care costs, understanding Social Security—this website helps you build a solid financial foundation.

Financial basics - Fidelity

College Savings Calculator

Are you on track to meet your college savings goal?

College Savings Calculator - Fidelity

Student Debt Tool

Student debt is one of the biggest financial burdens of today. Now there’s help! The new Student Debt Tool is an interactive experience that helps employees better manage their student debt.

Student Debt - Fidelity

See if there is a better way to pay off student loans: watch this VIDEO by Fidelity.

Prudential Pathways

Financial ideas and insights for life, saving and investing, managing debt, sorting out family finances, and planning for retirement.

Financial basics - Prudential