Welcome to the UVA employee wellness program!

The University of Virginia cares about your good health. When you’re healthy, you have the energy and focus to do your best work and live your best life. We encourage you to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle to meet your personal wellness goals. Hoo’s Well provides a number of programs and resources to help you be your best self. Our comprehensive wellness program offers something for everyone, supporting your physical, financial, and social wellbeing.

Hoo’s Well Program Mission

To foster a culture of wellness among University of Virginia employees by promoting and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices, engendering a happier, healthier, and more positive work environment.

Hoo’s Well Program Vision

To be recognized as the national leader of university health and wellness programs, enhancing the quality of life of our university employees.

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2018 Spring Fitness Challenge

If you and/or your spouse on the UVA Health Plan participated in the 2018 Spring Fitness Challenge (Jan. 16 – Apr. 27), look for your health rewards payout in your coordinating paycheck. Remember, you/your spouse must have been covered by the UVA Health Plan during the challenge and at the time of payout in order to receive the reward. The $200 reward will be deposited in the UVA Health Plan subscriber’s paycheck (taxable income).

Reward payout dates:

UVA Housestaff: 6/22/18
Medical Center Bi-weekly: 7/20/18
Academic Bi-weekly: 7/27/18
Academic Monthly (12-month): 8/1/18
Academic Monthly (9-month): 9/28/18

Hoo’s Well Resources

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