R12 Upgrade Training

After almost 5 years since the last upgrade, the University of Virginia is implementing an upgrade to the Integrated System Finance and HR applications in the Integrated System. The scheduled go-live date is May 2, 2011. To help you prepare for the changes you can expect to see with the upgrade, Employee Development is offering a variety of training classes, including instructor-led overviews, demos, and classroom sessions, and webinars, as well as online tools and resources. The most significant changes will be seen in the Purchasing and Accounts Payable module and in the Accounts Receivable module so these sessions will be particularly important to those users with PO Requester, PO Purchaser, and/or AR Billing Specialist responsibilities.

Integrated System Finance/HR Upgrade Overview

This overview session focused on the changes you can expect to see with the R12 upgrade, including changes to password requirements, navigation, attachments, and finance module changes. Eleven sessions were scheduled, including six sessions in departments, three sessions open to all users, and 2 webinars.

Training for Current IS Users

These sessions will provide more detailed information on the changes in R12.

The Purchasing and Accounts Payable R12 Changes class is an instructor-led demo and will familiarize PO Requesters and PO Purchasers with the significant changes to the Purchasing and Accounts Payable modules as a result of the R12 upgrade. This class covers the R12 upgrade changes for the Payment Voucher, Vendor Add form, and iProcurement. There are seven sessions scheduled from March 30 through May 6.

The Accounts Receivable R12 Changes class is an online class and will give AR Billing Specialists an opportunity to practice entering customers by completing simulations and creating transactions in R12. To access this training click here. Since you are accessing this training outside of Employee Self-Service, to receive credit for the training, please send an email to training@virginia.edu.

Training for New Users

Training classes for new IS users will begin on April 15, and will be ongoing. Please see our schedule of training classes for dates, times, and locations. Use Employee Self-Service to register for these classes.

Training Schedule and Registration

  • Integrated System Training Schedule

  • To register for training sessions, log into the Integrated System and go to Employee Self-Service, Learner Home.