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Responsibilities and TrainingResponsibilities and Training:

Reporting Module Training Requirement
Student Records See the Student Records toolkit
Admission See the Admission toolkit
Departmental Aid / Student Aid Funding Model (SAFM) See the Departmental Aid toolkit
Financial Aid See the Financial Aid toolkit
Student Finance See the Student Finance toolkit


Current SIS reporting users should take advantage of the workshop sessions held weekly by the SIS Reporting Team.

Training ResourcesTraining Resources

SIS Discoverer First Time Login and Java Installation

SIS Reports Quick Guide

Using Schedule Manager

For access to the online Data Catalog and other reporting information access the SIS Reporting website.

To receive updates and information and to ask questions of your peers join the SIS Reports Listserv. To subscribe to the listserv, click on the word “Subscribe” near the bottom left and follow the instructions.

HelpNeed Help?

General help:
Phone: (434) 924-HELP (4357), menu option 2

Training help: For assistance with enrollment please contact the HR Service Center at (434) 982-0123. For questions regarding training contact: