Student Finance Toolkit

Responsibilities and TrainingResponsibilities and Training:

Find the row(s) that match the employee’s job duties. Request the corresponding Responsibility(s) in ESHARP and enroll in Training Learning Paths and/or classes.

SF Responsibility Job Duty Description Training
UV SF Viewer Departments This responsibility allows users to view the Student Finance Customer Accounts and Item Line Detail. Recommended Learning Path:

SF Viewer Departments-SIS

Instructions for Completing a Learning Path
UV SF Departmental Reporting This is the main responsibility for access to Student Financials data.

NOTE: If you are requesting this role for departmental aid reporting, refer to the Departmental Aid toolkit.
Required Learning Path:

SF Departmental Reporting-SIS

Instructions for Completing a Learning Path

*Has conflicting responsibilities.

If you do not see the responsibility listed check the SIS Specialized and/or Central Responsibilities.

Training ResourcesTraining Resources

Other reporting documents - see SIS Discoverer toolkit

Click here to listen to and view a student-narrated demo regarding student finances in the SIS.


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