Academic Advisement Toolkit

Responsibilities and TrainingResponsibilities and Training:

Find the row(s) that match the employee’s job duties. Request the corresponding Responsibility(s) in ESHARP and enroll in Training Learning Paths and/or classes.

AA Responsibility Job Duty Description Training
UV AA Viewer For departmental staff who run individual Academic Requirements reports, including “What-if’s.” Recommended Learning Path:

AA Viewer-SIS

Instructions for Completing a Learning Path
UV AA User Exceptions For dean’s offices and departmental staff and faculty who enter Academic Exceptions and Student Milestones to student’s records.

Note that your ESHARP request for this responsibility automatically includes UV AA Viewer and UV SR Local Admin Milestones, there is no need to request these separately.
Required Learning Path:

AA User Exceptions-SIS

Instructions for Completing a Learning Path

*Has conflicting responsibilities.

If you do not see the responsibility listed check the SIS Specialized and/or Central Responsibilities.

Training ResourcesTraining Resources


For questions relating to the Academic Requirements (AR) report and academic advisement exceptions:

HelpNeed Help?

General help:
Phone: (434) 924-HELP (4357), menu option 2

Training help: To schedule an in-person training, please contact the Academic Advisement team: