General Ledger Toolkit

Responsibilities and TrainingResponsibilities and Training:

Find the row(s) that match the employee’s job duties. Request the corresponding responsibility(ies) in ESHARP and enroll in training learning paths and/or classes.

GL Responsibility Job Duty Description Training
GL Specialist* Authorized to create and approve journal entries and inquire or report on General Ledger account activities and balances. May also: view General Ledger information; create journal entries to record cash deposits and other GL activities, including university investment programs; correct or reverse previously created journal entries; self-approve journal entries within pre-determined limits; approve journal entries of other GL Specialists; and inquire and report on GL activity and balances.

Automatically assigned with this responsibility:
- GL Viewer
- ODS Specialist
Required Learning Path:

GL Specialist

Instructions for Completing a Learning Path
GL Viewer Access to view General Ledger information. Recommended online course:

GL - Working with the General Ledger

*Has conflicting responsibilities.

If you do not see the responsibility listed check the IS specialized/or central responsibilities.

WorkshopsWorkshops and Instructor-led Training Sessions

Please see for workshop and training session dates.

Training ResourcesTraining Resources


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