Human Resources & Finance Toolkits

Use the HR/Finance Integrated System toolkits below to:

  • determine what system access an employee needs to do his or her job and what responsibility(s) to request
  • find information about training

To get started, select the toolkit below that aligns with the employee’s job duties.

HR Modules

Human Resources Management System (HRMS)
The Integrated System’s Human Resources modules, collectively referred to as the Human Resources Management System, allow you to process HR transactions including viewing, entering, and updating employee information; enter time and leave for employees, review faculty and staff hires and salary changes, approve student and faculty wage hires and salary changes and run applicable HR reports.

Labor Distribution (LD)
The Integrated System’s Labor Distribution module contains a collection of current or future charging instructions that specify how a payment should be distributed for a given employee.

Oracle Learning Management (OLM)
OLM is the University’s learning management system. This module provides administrative access to OLM specialists for creating and managing courses, and instructor access to roster information.

Finance Modules

Purchasing (PO) & Accounts Payable (AP)
The Integrated System’s Purchasing and Accounts Payable modules allow you to make purchases for your department and pay vendors for those purchases.

Grants Management (GM)
The Grants module in the Integrated System is referred to as either Grants Management or Grants Accounting. Either name can be confusing, because the module is used for setting up Projects and Awards and for budgeting Award and Project combinations regardless of whether they are Grants.

General Ledger (GL)
The General Ledger module in the Integrated System is used to record revenue, approve pending journals, analyze transactions, analyze assets, liabilities, and fund balance (net assets).

Accounts Receivable (AR)
The Accounts Receivable module in the Integrated System is used to create and maintain customer records and to create transactions including Invoices. Invoices are printed, mailed, and collected by the Revenue and Collections division in Central Finance.

Fixed Assets (FA)
Fixed Assets include buildings, equipment, furniture, software, books, etc. The Fixed Assets Accounting Group’s mission is to ensure the ongoing fiscal integrity of the University through the effective management of all of its policies regarding fixed assets.

Budget (BU)

University Business Intelligence (UBI)

UBI is UVA’s new enterprise reporting environment, with tools that support the University’s needs for transactional reports, managerial reports, and executive dashboards. UBI leverages a foundational structure for data governance and stewardship to maintain data quality. Report data is pulled from an enterprise data warehouse, designed with robust data models that fully integrate and leverage data assets. Rollout initially includes Finance data, followed by SIS and HR data in 2017.


Discoverer (ODS)
Oracle Discoverer is the reporting and analysis tool used in conjunction with the Integrated System’s Human Resources, Finance, and Student Information System (SIS) modules. Access to Discoverer for the SIS is dependent on your specific reporting role(s).