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Responsibilities and TrainingResponsibilities and Training:

Find the row(s) that match the employee’s job duties. Request the corresponding Responsibility(s) in ESHARP and enroll in Training Learning Paths and/or classes.

Discoverer Responsibility Job Duty Description Training
UVA ODS Specialist Individuals have access to view financial data only. Recommended for all ODS Responsibilities
UVA ODS Specialist-Limited Individuals have access to view financial and a limited amount of HR data. Recommended Course: see above
UVA ODS Specialist-Restricted Individuals who have access to view financial and HR data. Recommended Course: see above
UVA ODS Specialist-OLM Individuals who have access to view enrollment information for the OLM (Learning Management) data. Recommended Course: see above


Workshops are instructor-led sessions during which participants may ask questions and get assistance with actual work. During the sessions, the instructors may also focus on common issues or new functionality. Completion of the Learning Path for the responsibility and access to the system is required prior to attending a workshop. You may find these workshops by entering “Workshop” in the search field when searching for a course.

Discoverer Workshop is 3-hour workshop, spontaneous in that its materials are provided by you in the form of your own reports. The Integrated System’s reports team has created and tested hundreds of reports covering requirements for audit and effective management. However, If you need some data combination for which no report currently exists bring your specific questions and existing reports to this workshop for collaboration with other experts. Attendees must have the active responsibility, UVA ODS Specialist, and at least 3 months practice using Discoverer Plus.

Training ResourcesTraining Resources

IS Documentation for Finance/HR Reports.


HelpNeed Help?

General help:
Phone: (434) 924-HELP (4357), menu option 2

Training help: For assistance with enrollment please contact the HR Service Center at (434) 982-0123. For questions regarding training contact: