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Responsibilities and TrainingResponsibilities and Training:

Find the row(s) that match the employee’s job duties. Request the corresponding Responsibility(s) in ESHARP and enroll in Training Learning Paths and/or classes.

AR Responsibility Job Duty Description Training
AR Billing Specialist* Departmental responsibilities assigned to staff in areas with business operations where there is a need to bill customers. Billing specialists are authorized to create and maintain customers, create transactions, and input/review accounting distributions. Receipt application and collection tasks will be performed by Accounting Services. Specific functions the AR Billing Specialist has access to within the Integrated System include: View Accounts Receivable information, Run reports, Create and maintain customers (sites, contacts, terms, etc.), Create transactions (invoices, credit memos, etc.), Input/review accounting distributions.BR>

Automatically assigned with this responsibility:
- ODS Specialist
- AR Viewer
Required Learning Path:

AR Billing Specialist-IS

Instructions for Completing a Learning Path
AR Billing Specialist-Remote* Responsibility holders at University centers like the FBI academy and Northern Virginia who enter their own receipts. Currently, no one uses this responsibility. (April 2012)BR>

Automatically assigned with this responsibility:
- ODS Specialist
- AR Viewer
Currently, no employees are entering their own receipts. Send an email to if you need training for this access.
AR Viewer Specific functions of the AR Viewer include read only access to AR data in the module and through reports.

Automatically assigned with this responsibility:
- ODS Specialist
Recommended Learning Path:

AR Viewer-IS

Instructions for Completing a Learning Path

*Has conflicting responsibilities.

If you do not see the responsibility listed check the IS specialized/or central responsibilities.


Workshops are instructor-led sessions during which participants may ask questions and get assistance with actual work. During the sessions, the instructors may also focus on common issues or new functionality. Completion of the Learning Path for the responsibility and access to the system is required prior to attending a workshop. You may find these workshops by entering “Workshop” in the search field when searching for a course.

Training ResourcesTraining Resources

AR Billing Specialist Training Guide Financial and Administrative Policies & Procedures

Revenue & Collections Policy V

Revenue and Collections in Central Finance Overview


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