UVA AP Fellows Stipend Processor

Integrated System Responsibility Descriptions and Policies

Responsibility Name: UVA AP Fellows Stipend Processor

Responsibility Description: The AP Fellows Stipend Processor responsibility is assigned to individuals who are authorized to process transactions in the Accounts Payable module. Specific functions the AP Fellows Stipend Processor will have access to within the Integrated System include:

  • View the UVA Vendor File information
  • Add Vendors (specifically UVA Fellows, NRA UVA Fellows)
  • Create Distribution Sets (PTAEO’s)
  • Create and Approve Recurring Invoices to process multiple Invoices/Payment Vouchers to the same payee (for fellow stipend payments) by completing a recurring invoice template.

The following courses are required.

  • Integrated System Navigation and Overview must be taken first.

  • Introduction to University Business Administration

  • Internal Controls

Responsibility Type: Departmental

Assigned To: 1,3 Anyone

Approved By: 2 Supervisor, Data Security Contact

Comments: ALERT – CONFLICTING RESPONSIBILITIES For audit reasons, this responsibility cannot be assigned to someone who has any of the following responsibilities activated: AP Invoice Processor, PO Administrator, PO Buyer, PO Buyer Manager, and AP Payment Processor. ALERT – ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITY ASSIGNMENTS Persons assigned this responsibility will also automatically be assigned the UVA ODS Specialist and the UVA AP/ PO Viewer responsibilities.