I-9 Online for I-9 Specialists

All new employees are required to complete an I-9 (Employment Eligibility Form), including those who

  • have had a break in service for any length of time
  • are transferring from the Medical Center to the Academic side
  • have work authorization that has expired and are not in I-9 Online yet

Completing the I-9, Section 1

  • Employees with social security numbers can complete Section 1 on their own before moving on to Section 2
  • Employees without social security numbers need an I-9 Specialist to complete Section 1 (I-9 Online: Specialist login)
  • Employees who have entered the U.S. on a visa with valid work authorization may need their I-94 to enter in to Section 1
  • Employees without an I-94 number must retrieve one from U.S. Customs and Border Protection


  • Section 1: complete by the first day of work (can be done as soon as they accept employment)
  • Section 2: complete by the third day of work
  • If these sections are not complete on time, you will need to post an explanation in the “add comment” field for audit purposes

Social Security Numbers

UVA is an E-Verify participant and requires all employees to have valid social security numbers.

  • For individuals without a SSN, use the “SSN Applied For” option in Section 1 to complete the I-9
  • Employees must apply for a social security number on the Social Security Administration website
    • They will receive a receipt notice and should attach it to their I-9 in I-9 Online
    • They should give their SSN to the I-9 Specialist to update their I-9 and payroll records

Offsite New Hires

  • Some UVA employees do not physically work at the University and cannot present original documents to a University representative for inspection
  • Federal law permits UVA to seek the services of an authorized representative to carry out I-9 responsibilities on behalf of the University

Offsite New Hire Employment Verification (I-9) Instructions

Become an I-9 Specialist

Complete all three steps:

When you finish, the I-9 Specialist responsibility will appear in your list of responsibilities in Oracle.

Once the E-sharp responsibility is approved, it will take one pay period before you are able to log into I-9 Online. If you are unable to log into I-9 Online after you see the responsibility in Oracle, please contact immigration@virginia.edu.