There are a variety of housing options available in the Charlottesville area. Please see below resources for on-Grounds as well as off-Grounds housing. You are encouraged to make housing arrangements well in advance of your arrival in Charlottesville.

Buying or Renting a Home

UVA Law School’s housing page offers resources for finding housing through the University or local listings.

Faculty and Staff Housing on UVA Grounds

Faculty and staff housing offers the convenience of living on Grounds, where UVA employees and their families have easy access to University activities and community and community events. UVA offers faculty and staff housing in a variety of configurations and locations in the Charlottesville area.

Find additional information regarding UVA housing and residence life.


Utilities may or may not be included in the price of a rental property. Home owners must arrange for their own utilities. When considering your place of residence, determine which types of utilities will be necessary, such as power, communications, and water/sewer. The location of your residence will determine which company offers services to that particular area. For a listing of utilities and associated companies, please visit City of Charlottesville - Utilities.