Understanding U.S. Health Care

In the United States, many people have health insurance through their employers. Health insurance plans vary in

  • what the plan covers
  • how much the plan costs
  • which doctors, providers, and hospitals are in the plan’s network

For an overview of health coverage topics, such as understanding your health coverage, knowing where to go for care, finding a provider, etc., go to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Care page.

Selecting a Plan at UVA

Eligible employees at UVA select a plan from the available options detailed on the Human Resources website. When you are selecting the right plan for you, make an informed choice. Consider your situation (whether you have a spouse or family you wish to include on the plan) as well as anticipated health expenses and needs for the year ahead. Then, meet with a UVA Benefits Counselor to better understand the options and choose the best option for you.

Visit UVA’s Health Plan page to learn more about your options.

J-1 visa holders who are employees of the University must select the UVA Health Plan Choice Health option for medical insurance in 2018. Federal government regulations prohibit J-1 visa holders from enrolling in the Basic or Value Health options, because of the deductible levels of those plans.

Getting Care

Use the emergency department for a life-threatening situation. Primary care is preferred when it’s not an emergency.

If you are on the UVA Health Plan, you’ll want to choose a provider in the plan’s network to receive the maximum benefits available. When scheduling an appointment with a provider, ask if they take your insurance. The UVA Health Plan is administered by Aetna. Check UVA’s Health Plan page for Aetna’s online medical provider directory, which gives UVA Health Plan members the most recent information on the doctors, hospitals, and other providers in the Aetna network.