Authorization to sign Permanent Resident Related Documents

The only entities authorized to sign U.S. Permanent Resident immigration documents on behalf of UVA are

  • Human Resources Compliance and Immigration Services (HRCIS)
  • University representatives or officials with appropriate written approvals from the UVA Office of General Counsel and the Virginia Attorney General
    • (for the G-28 form, “Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Representative,” or any other similar forms which provide a limited power of attorney to outside counsel to act on the University’s behalf with respect to an immigration matter)

Outside Counsel


  • determines whether it is in UVA’s best interest to retain outside counsel
  • files PERM cases if it determines it can meet the required government petition deadlines
  • confers with the department chair and dean before making a recommendation for retaining outside counsel
  • uses only outside counsel who has been approved in accordance with the Virginia Attorney General procedures for retention

The sponsoring department

  • is responsible for the payment of any legal fees incurred in hiring legal counsel to represent UVA in filing of immigration documents
  • may seek reimbursement from the beneficiary if authorized by law

Private counsel

  • Private attorneys may only represent UVA in nonimmigrant or immigrant petitions or applications if documents are first submitted to UVA, and then approved by the Office of General Counsel in accordance with procedures established by the Virginia Attorney General

  • An individual employee may engage counsel at any time to represent his or her own interest, provided such representation does not relate to any legal interest of the University

  • UVA administrators and faculty are not authorized to sign any form that designates an attorney to assist, advise, or represent UVA in the preparation and submission of employer-based petitions or documents unless all approvals, including approvals of the Virginia Attorney General’s Office, have been obtained in accordance with this policy