Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR)

Who Files an FBAR

You are required to file an FBAR if you meet the following three criteria:

  • you are a U.S. individual

    • includes U.S. citizens, residents, resident aliens, permanent residents
    • entities (i.e. corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies), estates, and laws and trusts formed or organized in the U.S. or under U.S. laws
  • you had a financial interest in or signature authority over at least one financial account located outside of the U.S.

  • the aggregate value of all foreign financial accounts exceeded $10,000 at any time during the calendar year reported

You must report foreign bank accounts

  • even when the account produces no taxable income
  • by answering questions on a tax return about foreign accounts and by filing an FBAR

When to File


  • is a calendar year report
  • must be filed on or before April 15 of the year following the calendar year being reported
  • must be filed electronically through FinCEN’s BSA E-Filing System
  • is not filed with a federal tax return
  • extension for filing income tax return does not extend time to file FBAR


Failure to file a complete and correct FBAR

  • Non-willful/not due to reasonable cause: civil penalty not to exceed $10,000 per violation
  • Willful violations: the greater of $100,000 or 50% of the balance in the account at the time of the violation, for each violation


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