Completing the W-4 and VA-4

Nonresident Aliens (NRAs) have certain requirements for filling out tax paperwork. Please follow the directions below to correctly complete these forms.

(Resident Aliens complete the W-4 and VA-4 just like U.S. citizens)

Completing Forms Online

  • Access tax forms through Self-Service (top right button on the HR homepage)

  • Select UVA Employee Self Service>Tax Forms

Federal W-4 Form

  • Click Update

  • Filing Status: Single

  • Allowances: 1

  • Skip the Exempt From Withholding section (NRAs cannot claim exempt on the W-4)

  • Mark I Agree at the bottom of the page

  • Submit

State VA-4 Form

  • Click Update

  • Total Exemptions: 1

  • Skip the Exempt from Withholding box (NRAs cannot claim exempt on the VA-4)

  • Mark I Agree

  • Submit

Completing Forms on Paper

Return completed forms to your department’s HR Specialist or to the Foreign National Tax Consultant, 914 Emmet Street, PO Box 400127, Charlottesville, VA 22904.

Federal W-4 Form

  • Complete Sections 1 and 2

  • Section 3: Single (regardless of your actual marital status)

  • Skip Section 4

  • Line 5: write 0 or 1 (NRAs can only select a maximum of 1 as their total number of allowances; students and business apprentices from India may claim up to 2 allowances)

  • Line 6: write NRA on the dotted line; if you would like to have an additional amount withheld, enter the amount on Line 6

  • Skip Line 7 (NRAs cannot claim this Exempt status)

  • Sign and date form

State VA-4 Form

  • Complete the personal information section

  • Line 1(c): write 0 or 1 (NRAs can only select a maximum of 1 as their total number of allowances)

  • Skip Lines 2-4

  • Sign and date form

Contact the Foreign National Tax Consultant if you have questions: 434.924.1377 or