E-Verify, operated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in partnership with the Social Security Administration (SSA), is an online system that verifies employment eligibility based on immigration status for all new hires. It compares information from an employee’s I-9 form to data from DHS and SSA records.

  • E-Verify supplements the I-9 (it does not replace it).
  • E-Verify queries are submitted only after newly-hired employees complete the I-9 in UVA’s I-9 Online system. Queries can be submitted through I-9 Online when completing and submitting the electronic I-9 form.
  • UVA departments with certain federal contracts already participate in the E-Verify program.
  • Federal regulations require employers to conduct E-Verify searches on all employees (currently employed and newly-hired) assigned to work under such federal contracts.
  • If E-Verify cannot instantly verify the employee’s work authorization, the employer or employee may have to take action. Human Resources Compliance and Immigration Services (HRCIS) will receive and coordinate responses from the E-Verify system, but departments are responsible for contacting employees who need to communicate with government agencies to resolve issues.

Rules for using E-Verify

Use E-Verify

  • for all new employees, regardless of national origin or citizenship status
  • only after employees have been offered and have accepted a job, and have completed the I-9 form

Do Not Use E-Verify

  • for applicants (i.e. to prescreen before hiring)
  • to verify some employees and not others
  • to check employment eligibility for current UVA employees (it is only for new hires)
  • to discriminate against employees based on national origin, citizenship status, or for other unlawful reasons (including retaliation for filing EEO complaints, membership in a union, etc.)

The Role of I-9 Specialists

Specialists should make sure

  • all document numbers and expiration dates are correct. If you are unsure, please contact immigration@virginia.edu to verify. Entering an incorrect number or expiration date can trigger a “Further Action Notice.”

  • all I-9s are completed within the time requirements. If I-9 is not completed on time, attach a note to explain why. If audited, the University can be subject to fines/penalties.

  • all List A and List B documents contain a photograph.

  • copies of documents are attached to the I-9 (if employee presents a permanent resident card, Employment Authorization Document, or a U.S. passport)

Possible E-Verify Results

HRCIS will work together with the employee and I-9 Specialist to handle any result other than “Employment Authorized.”

  • Employment Authorized: All information has passed the E-Verify process.

  • SSA Further Action Notice: The information on the employee’s I-9 did not match the information on file at the Social Security Administration. This does not mean that the employee is unauthorized to work. Mismatches can result if

    • citizenship or immigration status was not updated with SSA
    • name change was not reported to SSA
    • name, Social Security number, or date of birth is incorrect in SSA records
    • SSA record contains another type of mismatch
    • information was not entered correctly by employer
    • information was not entered correctly on the I-9
  • DHS Further Action Notice: The Department of Homeland Security could not verify employment eligibility. This does not mean that the employee is unauthorized to work. Mismatches can result if

    • name, A number, and/or I-94 number does not match with date in DHS records
    • U.S. passport or passport card, driver’s license, or state ID card information could not be verified
    • information was not updated in the employee’s DHS records
    • citizenship or immigration status changed
    • record contains another type of error
    • information was not entered correctly by the employer
  • Photo Matching: The employee used a U.S. passport, permanent resident card (I-551), or Employment Authorization Document card (I-766, Employment Authorized card). The photo on the document must match the photo that is in the E-Verify database. More information about Photo Matching

For F-1 OPT-STEM Students:

Use the following information to apply for an extension of the Optional Practical Training period, based on your degree earned in the STEM field (science, technology, English, math).

Employer name: University of Virginia
E-Verify company ID number: 405941

Questions? Contact HRCIS at immigration@virginia.edu.