UVA Job Structure

The UVA Job Structure is a standardized set of approved UVA job titles for use across Grounds. Titles are grouped by job families, divided into sub-families, and broken down by title. Each title has a summary that defines each job, including typical work, typical education and experience, and the market pay range.

Become familiar with skills, knowledge, and experience required to be successful in your current position, as well as those that support career progression and transition. (University Staff - don’t know your UVA Job Title? Go to Self Service, My Information tab, and check the field for Job.)

  • Title Summary Tool: Search for your current job title and learn about the job duties, education, and expertise that are typical across Grounds.
  • Title Summary Comparison Tool: Research the skills you need to advance your career at the University by comparing two jobs side-by-side.
  • Career Development Compass: Learn about professional development activities in your subfamily.

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HR Specialist Title Summary Tool: Tool for HR professionals across Grounds.