VSDP Short-Term Disability Leave

Procedure: VSDP Short-Term Disability –Virginia Sickness and Disability Program

Purpose: Provide paid leave for employees enrolled in the VSDP program who have an illness, injury, or are on maternity leave.

Eligibility: Full and part-time (20 – 40 hours per week) salaried Classified, University Staff, and Faculty members enrolled in both Virginia Retirement System (VRS) and VSDP.

Important: VSDP Short-Term Disability commences upon the expiration of a seven calendar day waiting period (the employee must use VSDP Sick Leave or University Leave (illness) of five work days). Effective July 1, 2009, the Commonwealth revised the short-term disability benefit. All new and rehired employees in VRS will now have a one year waiting period before becoming eligible for any VSDP short-term disability benefits. After the one year waiting period, employees will receive reduced VSDP short-term disability benefits (income replacement) of 60% of their salary for the next five years of their employment.

Requesting Leave:

Employee’s responsibility:

  • Initiate a short-term disability (std) claim with Reed Group by visiting their website or calling 877.928.7021
  • Inform supervisor that a claim has been initiated and the length of expected absence
  • Complete Reed Group forms that will be sent to the home address after the claim is initiated
  • Follow-up with your physician if Reed Group indicates medical information is still needed to approve your claim
  • Provide supervisor with doctor’s release to return to work

Supervisor’s/Department’s responsibility:

  • Send a completed paper timesheet to the UHR Payroll Department if an employee has any short-term disability hours to report during a pay period
  • Do not submit an on-line timecard if employee is approved for short-term disability
  • Provide a recent job description if asked by UHR
  • Approve or decline job modifications for light duty or part-time hours as a return to work plan (if requested)
  • Forward doctor’s notes to UHR the UHR Payroll Department

UHR’s responsibility:

*Update status of assignment in Human Resource Management System (HRMS) to Leave With Full Pay and update the secondary status once the claim is approved * Communicate approval dates of short-term disability with the department * Assist department with completion of paper timesheets * Enter the paper timesheet submitted by the department in the self-service time and leave system * Forward doctor’s notes to Reed Group * Change status of assignment in HRMS back to Active once the claim is closed